About Us

My name is Lawrence Tan and I'm the Founder of Pets In Tech. I'm a Software Engineer by trade.

I created Pets in Tech to make technology more human. Most of my days are spent behind the keyboard. And, as much as I love technology, there’s a very human side of me, that’s somewhat illogical, a little bit irreverent, and totally wacky.

Mixing pets with tech does not make a lot of sense in the real world, but it's a fun alternate reality to think about. Think of it as a diversion, or take it seriously, your call. Pets in Tech is meant to inspire your creative side and help you laugh about the many different ways to run a virtual machine, or the latest work-around for Internet Explorer.

I work with the most talented graphic artists to create art that both pet lovers and techies will love.

Our mission is to humanize the world of technology through whimsical art and cerebral humor about the most unlikely of combinations, pets in tech.